Another Best Garage Floor Coating Products

best garage floor coatingAnother product from Rust-Oleum. Is this a best garage floor coating products from Rust-Oleum? or it’s just an ordinary coating. This is Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield. Epoxy shield is a water based epoxy, that specially formulated to repel and resist the chemical spills. In garage, it’s a common thing to spills chemical substance, such as gasoline, and nitrogen. It had large cover are over 500 feet. It’s a water based epoxy, so it doesn’t smell too much. The light gray finish on this product is a standard and nothing spectacular, but some people love it. It can create your garage feels like a car showroom. Epoxy Shield comes with metallic flakes that you can scatter on your floor before your final layer coat. It’s an additional effect to creates to beautify your coatings. You may enjoy your beautiful garage, you will feel just like in a showroom.

What Make This Products Become The Best Garage Floor Coating?

Epoxy shield it’s a super strong, and durable despite it’s beautiful appearance. But it’s not strong as Aerocoat product, but it’s enough to get your job done. You also get a beautiful floor too, which is nice. This Rust-Oleum product also contains an anti-slip additive. It’s not slippery and you can walk and run safely without worrying to slip and fall. Many Rust-Oleum products have this kind of feature. You will not slip again even if you step on water spill or chemical spill. This product comes with a mixing stick, anti-slip additive, cleaner, and metallic flakes. It’s quite a lot of feature. Is it the best garage floor coating? That’s up to you to decide.

This is very beautiful epoxy coatings. This coating will transform your ordinary car garage, into a beautiful showroom. You should see it by yourself. The beauty, touch of luxury, super strong and durability. Makes this product from Rust-Oleum worth to buy, and you can judge it if this is the best garage floor coating or not.