The Benefit of Armpit Hair

Health tipsSome people, especially the women, usually feel very uncomfortable with the appearance of hair that located in their armpit. Some women cut the hair and make it can’t grow again. This condition will make your performance better especially when you use the short clothes, tank top or any clothes that might show your armpit. But, before you cut the hair in your armpit, you should know that there are some benefits of the hair in your armpit for your health. What are they? Stay on this article and you will know more!

The Armpit Hair’s Healthy Benefit

The armpit hair becomes the part of your body as the normal humans because there are some people who don’t have hair in their body. This hair comes from the puberty process. Not only make you uncomfortable with your performance, this hair also will create the special smell of your body. This article will tell you about the benefit of armpit hair for your health. The first, the hair that grows in your body also become the part of the mechanism of your immunity system and the protective system that your body needs this so much to grow in the normal way. This hair also will help your body to get the warm although the weather is in the cold condition.

This armpit hair also will protect your skin from some dirt and bacteria that dangerous for your health. You also can protect your armpit from the poison that comes from the outside part of your body with the armpit hair. Besides that, this hair also protects the breast as the vital organ that located near with the armpit. Some people who always put their armpit hair should be careful because these activities will cause the irritation in your armpit and cause some bacteria can grow well. The next, when you still put the armpit hair directly, you also will make your pores in your armpit bigger and cause the bacteria input in your body. That’s all and thank you.