The Benefits of Workplace Health Promotion in Occupational Health

Workplace health promotion is defined by the European Network as the effort combination of society, employees, and employers to improve the well-being and health of working people at their workplaces. The vision of this program is to improve working environment and work organization, increase the participation of workers in creating ideal working environment, and encourage professional development and personal skills.

Workforce Health Promotion Benefits

Some of the benefits for giving proper attention to the safety and health for workers can be read on the description below:

  • Healthy workers are the main strategy in overcoming poverty as they are more productive and can raise healthy families.
  • Small industry and informal sector have higher health risks, which are the main action arenas to alleviate poverty. Thus having proper attention to the safety and health of the workers can help to alleviate poverty.
  • Sustainable development can be achieved with safe workplaces, which can lead to the reduction of poverty.
  • Protecting environment, surrounding communities, and workers, are all having common important elements, such as exposure reduction and pollution control.
  • Many environmental and pollution exposure that come from various industrial processes are dangerous to the health of workers. This can be minimized by the occupational safety and health programs.
  • Occupational health and safety will contribute to the improvement of workersÂ’ employability through health assessment and screening for functional capacities, medical diagnosis, work demands assessment, retraining and training, safe and healthy work environment maintenance and redesign.
  • Workplace programs play a huge part in disease control strategies to control various major disease, such as heart disease and AIDS.

The benefits mentioned above are even more beneficial for low-income workers in higher risk settings and occupation. With this way, interventions in occupational health can help reducing inequities. The efforts focus on spreading the coverage to workers in underserved regions and countries.