The Facts About Canned Tuna

Many people think that canned tuna is very practical to eat because it can be cooked anytime and can be a delicious side dish. The consumption of the tuna on a daily basis is actually quite safe, however, it has the risk of mercury poisoning coming from the meat of this fish. If we get mercury poisoned, we will easily experience tingling until the loss of body balance. Mercury poisoning itself often occurs in those who too often consume tuna. You should think about your condition first whether you can eat it or not.

The Facts You Need To Know

The US Food and Drug Administration or the FDA stated that if the mercury content of canned tuna fish is much lower when it is compared to fresh tuna, means that we will obtain a lot of good nutrition from tuna-like vitamin A, vitamin B6, folic acid, until omega-3 fatty acids that will be very good for the health and development of children. To be considerations is that whether the tuna products use preservatives or not. Therefore, don’t be too afraid if you want to eat tuna fish. Although it is quite safe, the consumption should not be too frequent. It is recommended to consume 150 grams of tuna in two-three times in a week so that we will absorb many good nutrients from tuna without risking side effects from mercury.

Besides the advantages of the nutritious contents, consuming tuna also risky for the mercury content. However, you should be wise to eat canned tuna even though it is stated that the mercury content is lower than the fresh tuna. The content is also good enough to prevent breast cancer, eyes health, and heart health due to the Omega 3 content. Besides here, bring your attention to if you need other information about canned tuna.