Get Rid For Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch marks are something that happens naturally. They appear usually after pregnancy or after weight change. Actually, stretch marks are not dangerous. They are not a disease too. If you have stretch marks and you want to got rid of them, you need to check our tips below!

Get Rid Easy By Stretch Marks Naturally

  1. Apply shea or cocoa butter

Shea and cocoa butter are very great to hydrate your skin. Stretch marks lines are dry skin, so you need to hydrate them to get rid for stretch marks. Moreover, these two items can boost smoothness as well as skin regeneration. You can use it either shea or cocoa butter to the affected area twice a day and slowly but surely your stretch marks will fade. Rumor has it that shea and cocoa butter can prevent new ones appears to your skin. You can use shea or cocoa butter as your lotion. You need to hydrate your skin more.

  1. Aloe Vera

The happening right now about aloe Vera. There are many uses of aloe Vera. You can use it as sleep mask, lotion, primer, and to get rid for stretch marks. This stuff also works great for sunburn. Aloe Vera was a natural healer for skin in general. You can used it as much as you can. Moreover, applying aloe Vera during and after pregnancy is also safe. For better result, you can mix aloe Vera with a few drops of olive oil and vitamin E or vitamin A. Rub the mixture to the affected area. If you use raw aloe Vera, you can leave it for several minutes and wash the area with warm water.

It’s better if you also mix olive oil with these items. In order to get rid for stretch marks, you must apply these methods daily and consistently for a better result. Good luck.