Home Remedies For Dysmenorrhoea

Health tipsMany girls around the world would ever feel painful inside their stomach because they have menstruation period. Especially on one day before they have it and at the day they get menstruation, bad feelings such as high contraction around stomach area is somehow interrupted. This symptom is known as Dysmenorrhoea. Not all women around the world would suffer because of this feeling since some girls are fine and okay during their periods. Naturally, it depends on their immunity and the hormone system inside the body.

In general, when people cannot release this feeling anymore, they can take some medicine that sold freely. In average, it does not need a certain prescription to take this medicine as they can purchase it easily at the drug stores near them. But, people should consider the long effect because of routine consumption. Then, it is suggested to have a discussion with the doctors related to this matter. On the other hand, there are certain home remedies that can be done to reduce this feeling. Wipe the stomach with warm water using towel can make them feeling better. The contraction can be reduced due to this simple way. Somehow, they also take curcumin drink to handle this Dysmenorrhoea symptom. People can wash the Curcuma then cut it to extract the concentrate and boil it.

Rather than taking home treatments, during menstruation periods, it is also advised not to take sweet and soda drinks in much. It is better to replace it with hot tea that will make them relaxed. It is not also suggested to drink alcohol and smoking. When it is needed, people can take relaxation treatment such doing light yoga and Pilates movement to help them feeling better due to this matter. After that, then they can soak the body in warm water.