Information About Mywawavisit

Mywawavisit is an important survey for every Wawa’s loyal customer. This survey will give a reward to the winner that very beneficial to use at every Wawa store. As we know, to join this survey, we need to enter the code and store number that written on the receipt. After that, we can begin to join the survey and click the ‘Start’ button. The next thing is select the time and day of your survey. And the real survey begins by answering the questionnaire. If you complete the survey, you are allowed to join the sweepstakes.

How To Join Mywawavisit Sweepstakes

To join mywawavisit sweepstakes, you need to answer ALL questions on the questionnaire. The questions are easy. The company will ask you about how often you visit Wawa. They also ask about the quality of the foods, beverages, store, and service. In this survey, you can give your feedback. Maybe you don’t like the taste of the new chicken menu or you think that the toilet is not clean. Here you can complain objectively. The complaint will make Wawa improve their quality and service. So, you can have a better quality of food and beverage as well as the service for your visit.

After the survey, you get one chance to join the sweepstakes. You have to be eligible for this draw. Read the requirements first before you join the sweepstakes. If you meet the requirements, you can click the ‘next’ button to join the sweepstake. You need to enter your valid address and contact information to submit the sweepstake. Your phone number, city, state, address, e-mail address and personal information should be valid. If you are the winner of this sweepstake, the Wawa company can contact you immediately. If you complete the date, you can click the ‘Next’ button and the data will be submitted to sweepstake entry, if you want to know the prize of mywawavisit, you can check on