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iPhone 7 ManualiPhone 7 already at the store and available for you to bring back home. But, don’t forget to pay it first yes. There is some major change on the brand-new iPhone and it makes the phone better and of course way elegant than the previous version. The iPhone 7 user guide will help you find the interesting change and feature on this brand-new iPhone. Well, the camera will have 12 MP and 7 MP that can capture a great moment of yours. The rear camera also has the f/1.8 aperture which can produce the best shot. The front camera already includes by the LED flash that can give the picture looks brighter in the darker area.

Get The New Information Of IPhone 7 On IPhone 7 User Guide

The nest awesome feature that comes along with this iPhone 7 is the speakers. Both of them can work together and give you the most satisfying experience when you listen to the music, even though the speakers are not in the same place, but they are can still give you the dynamic the louder sounds that you ever hear. The speakers will be at the top and the bottom of the phone. The iPhone 7 user guide also will let you know about the other new thing that this iPhone 7 has. The water resistant. Yeah, we are not giving you the wrong information. This brand-new iPhone will be stronger against water.

Comes with quad-core CPU and 2 GB or RAM, this iPhone will be a lot faster and powerful than the older or the previous version. The other amazing thing about this iPhone is, it will not heat up even when you operate the phone all day. The design will be way elegant and smooth than the previous iPhone 6. The home button also comes with a new design that makes it increase the durability. So, that’s the little information about the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 7 user guide might it will helpful for you.