How To Make Exercise Schedule

Health lifeExercising is a way to train our body to be stronger and better. What is exercise? Exercise is to put stress and pressure into our body. While we put stress and pressure in our body, our body will be trained for stress and eventually, it will make them grow stronger. We refer “them” as our body muscle. So to put it simply, with exercises, we can make our muscle stronger and better. Not only that, by exercising we also put away stress, relax our mind, and refresh our body. Our body will release a hormone that can cheer up our moods while exercising. That’s why exercise is very healthy not only for the body but also for our minds. Some people don’t have a lot of time to do exercise. And some people even don’t have time to do exercise. It can be dangerous if you don’t do any exercise. If you don’t have much time to do exercise, then maybe you need to schedule your exercise routine, so you can make use of your little time.

Here, We Will Show You How To Make Schedule For Routine Exercise

If you are working five days a week, then you will be free mostly on Saturday, Sunday, and Friday after works. Since you are going to work on your week day, that means you can’t make a schedule for exercise those days, except if you want to overwork your body by doing work and exercise. Try to do exercise routine on Saturday morning or Sunday morning. Why morning? In the morning, the air is a lot fresher, and it isn’t really polluted yet. You can do your exercise better in the morning. If you think you can’t wake up early enough in the morning to do exercise, then you should do it on the afternoon. Try to do exercise at 4-5 PM, it is quite cooler than mid noon.

The best exercising time is at least one hour, but you can increase or decrease the duration depending on what your body wants. Try to make target, at least 2 hours of exercising every week. Always follow your schedule, try to don’t skip your routine exercise.