Nile Agapanthus Orientalis: Lily Purple Flowers

purple flowersWho doesn’t know about lily as one of the most popular flowers in the world? The beauty of this flowers indeed makes people love it so much, and do you know that Lily is not only identical with white? Yeah, it is also known as purple flowers too like you can find in Nile agapanthus orientalis. It is a perennial plant from Lesotho, Southern Africa, Mozambique, and Swaziland but nowadays it has been naturalized to many areas in the world so you can find them in Australia, Britain, Jamaica, Mexico up to Ethiopia. As its native this flowers are also called as African lily.

Lily Purple Flowers Of Nile Agapanthus Orientalis

Actually, this lily is very popular among the gardeners because it has a lush tropical appearance which is so attractive and of course beautiful. If you are life in the area having milder climates, you can grow these purple flowers for outdoors. After that how to take care of this lovely flower is a little difficult especially for those who are the beginners. In this case, some things you need to know is it needs partial shade or full sun while for the soil itself, it should use Moi’s organic one in order to get the best growth of this lily.

Moreover, if you want to get the best result this flower has to be planted 18-24 inches. When you plant it less than the number before, the growing of this lily may will as good as you expect. As another plant, it must be watered regularly in order that it gets enough water to grow well. Therefore, if you do all the things above, your lily will so beautifully grow in your garden and indeed these purple flowers can add the beauty for your garden view. So, are you interested in planting this purple lily?