Proper Ways To Bath The Pitbull

Dogs, especially pitbull puppies are the cutest creatures ever. However, it becomes a stressful thing when you cannot control your puppies. Some dogs hate water, so it will be a little bit difficult to take your puppies to the bathroom. Moreover, the pitbull is the stubbornest dog so that you need to get more effort to bath it. However, there is still a way to make your pitbull love to take a bath. Is it possible to love taking a bath?

Steps To Bath Your Pitbull Puppies Properly

Everybody knows that bathing the pitbull puppies is not an easy job. However, there are still some ways to keep your pitbull and yourself comfortable during bathing time. What are they? Just check this out!

Shut The Door When Your Dog Is In Bathroom

For the first step, you have to take your puppy to the bathroom. Make it calm, so it will not feel pressure and be more aggressive. After that, you have to shut the door so that there will be no way that your pitbull will be escaping.

Keep The Leash On While Removing The Collar

You can remove the collar of your pitbull. However, you still have to put the leash on. It will avoid the possibility that your pitbull will run away.

Protect The Pitbull’s Eyes And Ears

Since the pitbull will move often while bathing, you need to cover its ears and eyes. You can use cotton to cover your pitbull’s ears. Moreover, you can also avoid splashing on its head to protect its eyes.

Bathing your pitbull will be the easier task when you can control it well. Make sure that you make it feels comfortable by calming it down. For further and other information related to pitbull, you can visit