Tips To Catch Skipjack Tuna Fish

If you really like fishing, of course, you will be familiar with skipjack tuna fish. This fish is very popular in fisher and food industry. This tuna fish is mostly used for many tuna products such as canned tuna or frozen tuna. However, if you just really like fishing, you need to know how to catch them. Fishing is a fun activity and the community just growing bigger and bigger. There are two kinds of skipjack that you can catch in the water. What are those? Check this out.

Fishing Skipjack Tuna Fish

The first skipjack tuna fish that you can catch is Black Skipjack Tuna. The heaviest black skipjack that caught is almost 12 kg! This fish is caught in Thetis Bank, Baja California, Mexico. But size doesn’t matter in fishing. The tiny black skipjack can be found in many tropical and warm waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean such as Peru, Mexico, or California. If you fishing along the central Pacific, there is low chance to meet them. How to catch them? They can be caught by trolling small whole baits, small lures, or strip baits such as jigs, spoons, plugs, or feathers. Sine tuna fish is a speedster; they will strike any bait in just 8 to 10 mph. Be strong!

The next tuna fish is just the ordinary Skipjack Tuna. The 20,54 kg of skipjack tuna caught in, again, Baja California, Mexico. Precisely in Flathead Bank. Tuna fish habitat is in tropical and subtropical waters.  The often be seen in the tropical Atlantic Ocean such as Massachusetts or Argentina during the summer months. Similar to the Black Skipjack Tuna, the Skipjack one are also deep water, migratory, schooling, and pelagic species. They often migrate together with both Yellowfin and Black Fin Tuna. How to catch this skipjack tuna fish? This fish is a fast swimmer so you need to put a lot of effort in catching them by trolling strike trolled strip baits.