Tips For Infant Go’s Treatment

Infantigo or impetigo is one of skin problem which caused by bacteria. Rush and blister are two symptoms of this infection. If you found these symptoms, so you have to do some treatments to prevent any spreading.

Easy Steps To Treat Infantigo

For the most important thing when you get infantigo is visiting doctor. You cannot do self-diagnose since it will be dangerous. After get solution and medication from a doctor, so you can do some treatments like:

  • Remove the Scabs From the Infected Area

Before applying the ointment on the infected area, you have to remove the scabs first. Use the wet cloth that has been dip into the warm water. Press and rub it gently in the area with scabs.


  • Cleanse the Infected Area

After getting rid of scabs, you can try to cleanse your skin. Make sure that you use mild soap. Don’t rub the infected area since it will lead some infections. After that, rinse it as well. Let it dry to do next treatment.


  • Apply the Ointment Routinely

When your skin is already dried, so you can start to apply the antibiotic ointment which is recommended by your doctor. If you cannot apply it to yourself, so you can ask someone. However, make sure that s/he wear the protective gloves when applying ointment on you to prevent any bacteria spreading around.


  • Take the Antibiotics

If you get antibiotics pill, so you can take it as a recommendation. Make sure that you take it well to boost your immune and fight the bacteria.


  • Don’t Ever Scratch the Infected Area

Although you feel itchy, don’t ever try to scratch it. If you scratch it, so it will be infected more.

Here are the easy ways to treat your infantigo. If you are still curious about impetigo, so you can get more information from Stay healthy, stay happy.